We give you a fully built Race Car.

All you have to do is get in and drive.

We are your pit crew, supporting and coaching you on the intricacies of winning.

"ProServe gives you the tools, and just as important, the training and support to master the trade of building your company."


Our Database

As your company grows, you will have an ever-changing need for different paperwork and documents. We have created every document you will need, integrated them into our software so they already have your name and logo on them, and have created a training module so you can learn how to implement these documents as you grow. 

Don't get overwhelmed - there is a lot to learn. And remember, it is your company. We show you the forms and documents that a company your size should be using, then we teach on how to implement those documents. You choose the documents you feel your company needs.

 Here are a few Document Examples:

  • Client Engagement Agreement

    • Most contractors have a contract they use, but do you have a full list of every expectation that a client should (and should not) have of you? Making sure that you set all expectations prior to starting ​the job is the #1 way to ensure a happy client.

  •  Subcontractor Agreement Form

    • This form and packet of paperwork is used when bringing on a new subcontractor. What you say and how you present it to your subcontractor makes the difference in how a job runs and the final results of their work​.

  •  Job Descriptions 

    • When you are ready to hire, we have written job descriptions for each job position needed to build a solid company. These descriptions change as you grow, but we've got that covered and will be here for you with updated documents when you are ready for them. 

  • New Hire Assessment and Search Process Packet

    • When it is time to hire someone, how do you do it? We will walk you through our assessments and what we have learned when hiring in the construction industry.

  • Employee Payscale Spreadsheet

    • When hiring employees as a small company, it is important to incentivize them financially without giving away ownership in your company. Also commission based pay scales create instability for employees where they might have a great month, but then have a 3 month dry spell. Our Employee Payscale Spreadsheet and training allows you to give your employees peace of mind that money will be there each pay period, but also incentivize them where their hard work in building the company will pay off


Our Software

As the backbone of Alliance, our software is the embodiment of our processes, managing everything: from individual job sites, to the health of your company as a whole. An intuitive software that you don't need a PhD to use. 

Desktop Screenshot.png

ProServe Alliance partners gain access to our state-of-the-art software that was developed specifically for every aspect of running your jobs as well as your company. Our software is not a typical project management or CRM software, but rather, the vehicle to take your company to the next level. 


  •  Project manage every aspect of your job from initial contact through final payment

  •  Pay subcontractors and invoice clients in seconds from the job page (with full Quickbooks integration)

  •  Automated accountability with built in task lists as jobs progress

  • Mobile app integration for seamless on-site estimating  and client communications

  • Organized and pre-built paperwork for all aspects of your company

  • Subcontractor paperwork tracking

  • Reporting and stats on growth and efficiency

  • Email and calendar integration

  • Auto identifying technology for any missed tasks or items needing attention on an open jobs.  This ensure that no balls are dropped and that you are able to react proactively before any issue arises.

  • Quickbooks Integration

  • Auto Generated Gantt charts

ProServe Quotes App

ProServe Quotes is our dual purpose smart phone app. ProServe Alliance contractors use the app as an extension of the software to quickly and efficiently build estimates onsite. With our thousands of items pre-priced for the charge to client as well as labor pay, plus built-in materials and SKUs from popular suppliers, you can be confident nothing is missed. ProServe Quotes helps you save time, make more money, and land more jobs. Also, Quotes is available for download by anyone. Allowing homeowners and potential clients to use the app and build out their own quotes is a huge lead generator. The app connects these clients with Alliance members that are in their area. We connect you with these clients after they have built an estimate, seen the price, and requested a contractor to contact them to discuss. Since our goal is to build your company, these leads are free to any high performing Alliance members. To download, search your App Store for "ProServe Quotes".

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