“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.”

- William A. Foster

Getting Started

1.Phone Call

We start with a phone call to discuss partnering together. We want to ensure we are a great fit for each other prior to commitment. This 15 minute phone call is simply informational.


If after the phone call you want more detailed information, we set up a meeting to dive deeper into what ProServe provides as well as your current business structure.


If after meeting, we are both ready to commit to working together, You will get scheduled for our in-person training. Preparing for training is where the work begins.


During training, we guide you through a full company growth plan which includes specific short-term goals to ensure your success. From here, your coach is with you every step of the way. 

Along the Journey


With so much to learn in 

growing your company into a wealth generating machine, we have broken down every phase so you only need to focus on your next milestone. We grow your company one step at a time, laying a foundation first.


You will have a monthly phone call with your coach where the two of you discuss your growth path and set goals for the next month.You also have access the rest of the month for check-in phone calls with your coach if needed.

Hotline Consultant


From creating marketing campaigns, through giving you access to a lawyer, we support you in every way. Our paperwork is auto-generated into your software providing the structure 

needed (as well as training) as you grow. 

People Gathering in a Meeting Together


As you grow, you will have different sets of problems. From 'How do I hire?' to  'When do I open a second location?' Our continued education, library of training support, and Annual Planning Retreats are key to grow you and your company.

Executing Our Process

A Blueprint for Success:

Through years of refining our processes and procedures, ProServe has cultivated a robust system that has been proven to promote growth when executed correctly. ProServe Alliance has been built over 15 years of growing a contracting company from a one-man operation, to a multi-million dollar organization that has renovated over 2,800 properties over the last 4 years alone. We created the ProServe Alliance platform to partner with other contractors who can take our processes and software, make them their own, and grow their business to the next level.


A Proven Strategy for Success

- Processes and procedures refined over 14 years with a proven track record of success. 

A Personalized Strategy for

Your Business

- Expert guidance to equip you with a realistic, effective strategy that can focus your business on a path to success.

Training and Execution:


Two Day Training 

- The training objective is to completely revolutionize our partner's business by providing tools for success.

Pre-Built Back Office Database

-Our digital database includes all documents and training that your company will need as it grows.

We suggest starting with our Two-Day Training. During this training we give you the tools for structural growth and a step-by-step plan to grow your company. When you leave the intensive, you will have everything you need to get to the next level.  This is a great way experience what we can do for you without any commitment. If after the training you want to continue our relationship, we schedule a one hour,  two-on-one Blueprinting session with the owner of our company, Clark Turner, and your coach. Along with training you receive direct access to our digital database, a comprehensive resource that includes everything from our extensive Client Engagement Agreement, our Subcontractor Agreement, an employee pay scale, how to hire, when to hire, who to hire, and so much more! As your company grows, our vast library of documents and training will be at your fingertips, a simple step-by-step support when you need it.

Continued Support & Accountability:

Upon partnering with ProServe Alliance, you will be paired with a ProServe Coach, a professional hand selected to support you and your company's needs. Your coach will be with you from day one to make sure that your transition to ProServe Alliance is seamless. Not only is your coach there to assist you in creating new habits and executing your growth strategy, but also as a sounding board to talk through issues that may be challenging. The coach's job is to keep you on your path to success. As an Alliance partner, your coach commits to a monthly meeting, along with additional support contacts as needed. 


- Our coaches have years of experience in the contracting world and will help you become familiar and comfortable with Alliance, as well as offer consistent advice and guidance.

Marketing Support

- We provide our ProServe partners with expert marketing consulting, strategies to find leads, opt-in marketing campaigns, and access to our custom printing center.

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